Supporting Your Child

If you think your child may have special educational needs: e.g. your child may not be happy, may be struggling in class, is showing some behaviour issues which are cause for concern, in the first instance, you can communicate your concerns to your child’s class teacher. We encourage communication with you at all times and teachers will speak to you if they are concerned your child is not making the progress they should be in their school life. Alternatively you may also contact Mrs Kenton, our Head of School.

The SENCO meets with the class teachers and an individual learning plan is written appropriate to the child’s needs. Targets are set and a plan for assessment and monitoring adopted. This is done using the ProvisionMap system, which allows interventions to be reviewed and evaluated and for support to be planned with parents for the children. Reviews are held every term and informal meetings take place much more regularly than this. Parents are fully informed and involved at all stages. We view you as a crucial partner in your child’s learning journey.

Often, regular practice and reinforcement of what is being learnt in school is crucial for a child who is struggling in some way and one of the most important things that you can do for your child is give them the time to talk through their learning each day and practise the key skills of reading, multiplication tables, spellings and support them in their homework. This will be differentiated to meet the needs of your child.

If your child isn’t in a school or nursery, you may contact the Local Authority, your family doctor or use the link for Family Services on our website. Further guidance is provided within our SEN Policy and our Inclusion Policy.